May 2016

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I forgot how much I love my kids.  It’s so fun having them home.  We have missed the pool and we had a great day back where we belong; in the water.




Daddy had a good day at work.  A little bone pain in his leg but he got a lot of work done.  He ran therapy groups, did suicide watches, crisis prevention and got all his paperwork done.

He had a guy ask him his prognosis today.  He said that for his type and stage of cancer they told him it is 95% incurable.  The guy asked him why he is spending his time at work with those kinds of odds.  He told him that most people who get colon cancer are much older.  We truly believe Amos will be in the 5% who make ot through this and we appreciate the army of people who continue to support us in this fight.


Right now we are out on a date.  I love having that to look forward to each week.  We forgot to bring extra ostomy bags so the evening might get interesting.




Amos just got a package from his cousins in Hawaii.  Wow!! Thanks Jen and Ben.  We love you.  Ruth had a luau for her last day of school so I spent the morning searching for our hula skirts.  Funny coincidence.

We got a call from the genetic specialist today with test results indicating that he had no genetic markers for colon cancer.  This is good news for our children.

Today was Amos’s day off and it was pretty rough.  I have to remember that chilli is off the menu in our house forever.  Sadly we didn’t realize it was going to be an issue until we were at Firehouse Subs for lunch today.  We had to leave in a hurry.  His extreme abdominal pain came back and he filled 3 ostomy bags within an hour.  That is a new record.

It’s a wake-up call to him that he needs to eat better.  Chicken salad for dinner tonight and hopefully he can have a better day at work tomorrow.

Summer is here and the kids are so excited.  Evie is in a contest to perform at BYU’s Stadium of Fire with Tim McGraw for the 4th of July.  Thanks to all of you who voted for her today.

Have a great summer friends!


Amos had energy at work today and felt good. Abdominal pain is mostly gone, no bone pain and he fought off the mouth sore with coconut oil. Tomorrow is his day off and I’m looking forward to a non-chemo Thursday.  Taking this one day at a time and sharing my thoughts every day might benefit me more than all of you.  Thank you for reading these posts.  Even the short ones.