April 2017

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Today was just that, simply unforgettable. We have loved spending time with this beautiful angel.

Amos got his pain under control today and had great energy. He has now gone a month without any cancer treatment.

As we experience new things in life together I continue to witness his strength.

We randomly met a lady today who works in cancer research and gave us some excellent leads. Some days the stars just seem to align.


I have my best friend, Amos, by my side. Today feels like a dream. My joy is overflowing and life is amazing. We’ve made such good new friends here but I miss my Porter, Kirra, Ruth and Blakely.

Phoebe, Elise, Brooklynn, Kyle, Kenny and Maili and Buddy and Julianne…thank you for being here to support us. It means everything!

Sister Ketcher, thank you for being the mom for a few days and Sister Filletti, thank you for dinner for my kids tonight. I have the best friends ever.


Amos had his consult with Dr. Lanauze today. There are still obatacles before we will know if the Y90 liver treatment is a real option. Amos sent me this message this morning.

“They have to do a test run to see if my body will work with this treatment.” 

He also said before they do the test run, they have to see if insurance will even cover it. We don’t know how long that will take.

I cant wait to see Amos tonight. I have missed him so much the past few days and worry because when I call him I can tell he is trying to hide pain. My kids are saying he has been in constant pain since I left.

Thank you again to everyone who is helping and caring for my family this week while we are away. ♡♡♡

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