We sent my kids off with Ken and parted with a couple of my sisters before we had a music consult for Evie’s next performance. We then headed to the airport where Evie was stopped by several people who recognized her from the show.

We made it back to Arizona for a beautiful reunion with Amos bringing our love to him from the entire staff of America’s Got Talent. We were both so happy to see him after 10 days away.

Dean,Phoebe,Tom and Sandi have taken such good care of him today and I thank them. I’m so happy to have some time alone with my sweetheart tonight. He requested that I sing to him and it put him right to sleep so now I have a chance to write the blog.

I found his condition to be similar to when I left except that now his legs have swollen up to about double their size. They said the liver is responsible for managing the water passing through cells and it isn’t keeping up right now. The doctors are working on some solutions for the swelling among other things. Amos is trying to get off the pain pump. They were doing a procedure to drain his lungs yesterday during the live results so he had to watch it a little later. His reaction video has gotten around today. It was so tender.

They aren’t willing to release him to go home, but wanted to send him to hospice. Thankfully his oncologist came in this morning and told them that he isn’t ready to give up so hospice isn’t an option. They talked about a rehabilitation facility as one possible solution for extended preparation to get ready for more treatment.

This battle looks like it is going to be extended and I think he is up for it. I hope my heart is as strong as his. I knew there was something special about him when we met 20 years ago and I have been privileged to see the magnitude of his character. I have learned so much from him. I sent him a text on our anniversary that said something about how the past 20 years have been the best of my life. His response was about how the next 20 years together would be even better.

We don’t know when Evie has to be back in LA but for now we will savor the time we have together. My dad is taking good care of my kids and I’m thankful for him.

The nurse is now here to wake him up for vitals so I’d better go.  Love you all.

Amos was able to watch his sweet Evie advance to the Semi Finals of America’s Got Talent tonight from his hospital bed. This put some light in his eyes tonight. He and grandma and Aunt Phoebe all cheered her on and I was so thankful to be able to see his reaction.

I’m also so thankful to the producers of America’s Got Talent who consider every detail and will let us go home tomorrow to see Amos. I am so excited to see him for how ever long we will get to be home.

This experience on America’s Got Talent has been extraordinary for our family in many ways and we are filled with so much gratitude.

Thank you all for voting for her yesterday and jumping on again today to save her.

We will bask in the glory of today and not talk about medical stuff right now.

My kids went to the beach with aunts, uncles and cousins today while Evie was show prepping all day at Dolby Theater.



In music a crescendo is where you get louder or build up to something bigger. We are building up to the big day tomorrow and it’s getting very exciting.  Today has been my favorite since my babies are finally here.

They make me so happy. Their snuggles are helping to ease the heartache I feel being away from my sweetheart. It doesn’t look like he will make it here tomorrow.

He started bleeding from his ostomy today. It was alarming to him but the CT scan didn’t show any major cause for it. The doctors are baffled in how to help him but are doing the best they can.

He had to have a catheter put in today. It is helping him sleep because he was having increasing trouble emptying his bladder and was up every hour in the night.

Thank you Phoebe for staying to care for him. I know you wanted to be here.

Not only is tomorrow our daughter’s first live performance on national television, but it is also our 20th wedding anniversary. I don’t think anything in life this far will be more difficult than being away from him tomorrow. I love you Amos and I’m looking forward to many more anniversaries with you. Please keep fighting, rest and build up your strength for better days to come.


Thank You Phoebe and grandma and Abbe and Sarah and Missie and my dad for your help today. We seem to have gone two steps forward then one step back today on Amos’s lab results but the doctors can’t really figure out why. They are puzzled because his cultures have come back negative for infections but the white blood cell counts tell a different story. Until they figure out what is happening they do not think it’s safe to discharge him.

He was able to make it out to the waiting room to see the kids today and I’m so grateful for that. They were a little teary-eyed when they saw him. He told them that people die, it’s part of life and it’s nothing to be afraid of because we know that we are eternal and will be resurrected.  He continued with focus on Kirra who seems to worry the most. “Yes, people die but that isn’t what’s happening here. I will get better.” 

Aunt Sarah, thank you for taking my kids to the Mesa Temple Visitor’s Center today. I know they loved that.

Evie and I had a really special evening thanks to my dear childhood friend, Lara Reeb, now Frandsen, who happens to live near Hollywood. She sent her amazing husband, Steve, and their children to pick us up and take us to a special youth meeting with two of The Twelve Apostles. Elder Ballard and Elder Rasband’s words and spirit were exactly what we needed after a week in Hollywood. I went with a prayer and a spiritual question in my heart. Elder  Ballard said something in the last 10 seconds that answered my question in a remarkable and unexpected way.

The Fransens then took us for dinner and it was wonderful to become instant friends.

Here are a few more back stage pictures from our exciting day. Evie got to rehearse in Mel B’s dressing room and had lots of fun with Celine and Dion Tam. I took a little tumble from some water that had spilled on a slippery floor and hurt my foot. I’ll be fine. Thanks for the Advil Steve. He told Evie if she was still around this Saturday, he would take her surfing with his kids.