Amos was  well enough to go to the girls’ America concert at school tonight, but not without difficulty.

He slept really well last night and the nausea was bareable today because it has come in waves rather than being constant.

We went on a walk this morning then he was exausted and fell asleep.

Then we went to lunch with some of his favorite GHS wrestlers then he was exhausted and fell asleep.


He still isn’t back to normal but we think Mondays might be possible when he returns to work in a couple weeks.

We’ve been told this first one is the worst.  He really hopes that is true although they aren’t giving him the part of the chemo that cuts off the blood supply to the tumor yet.  They say that one will start in about a month to be sure it doesn’t cut off blood supply to the healing areas.

Tomorrow should be a better day.  We are counting on it because of your prayers. #teamamos