He made it out of surgery, but they were not successful in removing the tumor.  It was larger than expected.  They gave him a colostomy which means he will have a bag, but he can be put back together after we find another way to get rid of the cancer. The good news is that he will be able to have Chemotherapy sooner.  Thank you all for your love, service, thoughts, messages, fasting and prayers.  We love you.




Last night was difficult.  The magnesium citrate didn’t start going all the way through his system until 5:30 am.  After that he started feeling much better but it was a restless night.

IMG_0405We started the day with a visit to Gilbert High where the staff welcomed us with open arms and hearts full of love.


We picked up some #teamamos bracelets and headed over to Banner Gateway for check in.  Thankfully we only had to pay a small percentage of the estimated $52,000 bill for today. I am so grateful for the doctors, nurses and staff who have taken such good care of Amos so far.  They are worth every penny.

IMG_0409We checked in and said goodbye to Paije, Bridget and Brynley who had a flight to catch.

We then went for pre op and found another tender mercy.  My friend Dana Rodger’s daughter Breckyn was going to be Amos’s nurse for the operation.  She has such a comforting demeanor that instantly put my heart at ease.


All day I have felt an extra layer of peace and comfort encircling me and I appreciated so much a scripture Paije left with us.  (Romans 8:28)

My angel sister, Phoebe, is home taking care of Porter who is sick and my baby girls.  She is already a second mom to them and they adore time with their auntie.  We will need to disinfect the house before Amos comes home next week.


It took 3 hours to stablize his heart after the surgery with the meds but they finally got him a room in the evening.  He was pretty funny and unfiltered with his comments for a while.  He’s not happy that they didn’t take the tumor out and that he will have to do this again.  We are grateful that the doctor was careful since the tumor had spread near his legs.  No permanent damage has been done and the doctor is confident that we can get it next time after the chemo has had a chance to shrink it.


The respiratory therapist visited him for some work on his lungs that were slightly collapsing.

Tomorrow I will post pictures of visitors and other earthly angels who have come to our rescue.


Wow! We have precious family members here from Utah, Florida, Idaho and Washington.  What a beautiful site !  I can’t remember the last time all these siblings and parents were together.  It might be a first.

One of these blogs will have to be a thank you list because we are blown away with kindness by so many of you.  We are reading your messages, learning so much, feeling your love and concern for our family and pushing forward with amazing support. Go #teamamos !!

Amos went to work today. He wants to get as much work in as he can before the surgery next Thursday. Amos generally wears a face sheild and stab-proof vest at work because his job can be hazardous. Today, they told him they will be moving him to a different unit when he returns from surgery. This will probably be a safer place for him but it will mean no more hazard pay which is about $400 a month. We will have to make adjustments. I have a few financial suggestions today for anyone who thinks this kind of thing won’t happen to them. If your company offers it, sign up for short term disability insurance. We opted out because Amos is young and seemed super healthy. There is also something called critical illness insurance. His company doesn’t offer it but many do. These kinds of things can be financial life savers. Thankfully we had a few of our own financial life savers. Life teaches us so much. Accepting help from others can be difficult but sometimes necessary.  For those of you who have asked about how you can help financially, here’s your big chance. 😉

Don’t Support Cancer

cancersupportWhen Amos was a teacher at Gilbert High School students would always come to him and ask for donations for cancer support. His response would be that he can’t support cancer because he is against cancer. They would look at him in confusion not realizing what they had said. Amos thought it was pretty funny. I bet he doesn’t now.  If you’d like to support Amos’s fight against cancer, we’d be forever grateful.

Personal Info

Donation Total: $1

The Plan

If the surgery goes as planned, Dr. Gimbel will cut the sigmoid colon on either side of the tumor, remove it and reconnect the severed ends.  If there is too much cancer or any other issue that would make it difficult to safely reconnect, he will redirect the colon to the outside of the stomach, leaving Amos with a colostomy bag for an unknown amount of time.  Please pray that they will be able to reconnect.  Before ending the surgery he will also get a portion of the mass outside the colon to confirm the cancer has spread without having to take a biopsy of the masses on the liver.


Amos’s dad told us how awful and expensive the surgery for a herniated belly button was.  Amos also has a herniated bellybutton so I was joking with him about asking the doctor to fix that up for free while he was in there.  I actually asked the doctor today and he agreed saving us $40K and another surgery. 🙂  #neverhurtstoask

Robotic Surgery

We found out today that Amos is going to have robotic davinci1surgery.  This is good news because it is less invasive and he needs to heal quickly so he can start Chemotherapy.  He will have to stay in the hospital for 3 to 5 days then he will have up to 6 weeks of recovery even with the less invasive procedure.


Amos’s siblings and parents are coming this Thursday.  We will have a fantastic weekend with them, then his surgery will be next Thursday (April 21st).  Even though his condition is urgent, they can’t get him in any sooner.  He will have to be very careful with what he eats until then.


We were so grateful to have Amos’s dad and my sister Amy there with us today.  The surgery can have a few different outcomes and we wanted her to help us ask all the important questions.  We needed Dean as comic relief.  He actually told the doctor he was going to try to get rid of it with a hanger and a firecracker!  The doctor validated him. :-0  Dr. Gimbel seems to be an expert in his field and we are grateful to have him on #teamamos .