Amos Abplanalp – Obituary

Amos Dean Abplanalp 1975-2017

Amos Dean Abplanalp was born December 11, 1975 in Malad, Idaho. He passed away September 7th, 2017 at Banner Gateway Medical Center in Gilbert, Arizona surrounded by his wife and children, mother and brother. He fought a courageous fight with colon cancer for a year and a half. He lost the battle, but won the war enduring well until the end.

Amos was born the third child of Dean Abplanalp and Sandra Carol Sagers. He joined his brother, Tom, and sister, Katie Jo. Three years later Abbe completed the family.

When he was two, the family moved to Blackfoot where he spent the next 17 years of his life. When he was nine, his parents divorced. His mother later met and married Evan Dance and six more siblings were added to his family.

He grew up on a potato farm where he learned to work hard. He also learned that he wanted an education.

Amos loved sports. He played little league baseball and basketball, but his real love was wrestling. He was on a state championship wrestling team at Snake River High School where he graduated in 1994.

He served in the Canada Toronto Mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. After returning honorably after two years he attended Brigham Young University and met the love of his life and eternal companion, Hillary Clair Mann.

Amos graduated from BYU with a bachelor’s degree in Psychology. He and his wife and son then moved to Arizona where he attended Arizona State University to persue a master’s degree in Criminal Justice.

He was a teacher for emotionally disabled students at Gilbert High School for 10 years and a wrestling coach. He was certified to teach multiple high school subjects and was a beloved teacher.

He and his wife had five beautiful children together who have brought them incredible joy.

He later received a Master’s Degree in Counseling and worked as a Licensed Professional Counselor at the Florence, AZ prison in the Eyman Complex.

He served in many church callings and his most recent calling was as bishop of the Magma Ranch Ward in the SanTan Valley Stake.

Just as Amos learned of his cancer diagnosis his daughter, Evie Clair, was invited to audition for the show “America’s Got Talent.” Her musical talents, bright spirit and love for her father propelled her forward in the show. She made it to the finals the night before her father passed away. He lived his last few months seeing his daughter’s dreams play out and it was the highlight of his life.

Amos affected many in his life for good through his kindness, humility, wisdom and service. To know Amos was to love him.  His faith in God and great love for his family, friends, neighbors and coworkers inspired many.

Amos is survived by his wife: Hillary; his children: Porter, Evelyn, Kirra, Ruth and Blakely; his parents: Sandra and Evan Dance (ID) and Dean and Connie Abplanalp (FL), his siblings: Tracy Beede (UT) Tom (Paije) Abplanalp (WA), Katie Jo Abplanalp (ID), Abbe (Les) Fisher (ID), Russell (Tammy) Dance (WA), Jeremy (Jennifer) Dance (WA), Dustin Dance (WA), Jennie (Josh) Cobb (Philippines), Amanda Dance (ID), Hilary (Shawn) Wilmot (WA); grandmother: Janet Abplanalp (UT).

He was preceded in death by his grandparents: Moe and Carol Sagers, Tom Abplanalp and Ora Ezell; his nephew: Daniel Gurr and mother in law: Pamalee Mann.

There will be a viewing at the funeral home Tuesday evening from 6 to 8pm at 33 N Centennial Way Mesa, AZ 85201. Flowers, etc. can be sent to that address.

The funeral services will be held 10am Wednesday, September 13th at 1521 E Bella Vista Rd San Tan Valley, AZ 85143 with a viewing at 9am.

Amos’s body will be laid to rest in the Mesa Cemetery.


Evelyn has her friend Jaida over from our old neighborhood. They have been the best of friends for years and all of our girls love having Jaida around.  I’m so happy friends are willing to come all the way out here to visit us.


Porter and his cousin got checked in to Heritage Halls at BYU today for EFY.  The buildings look a lot nicer than they did when I lived there.  I think they must have torn down our old dorms and rebuilt them.  He has a few other cousins attending school at the Y.  I think he is planning to meet up with them for some ice cream today.  I have a feeling he will be sold on attending BYU when he gets back.  I’m not sure why he’s doing a Westwood Warrior’s sign.


Amos woke up at 3 am to find me missing from bed.  He came downstairs and was a little upset when he saw me doing housework.  When he realized that I had been up with pain from a toothache and I was waiting for the pain reliever to work, his attitude changed.  He felt so bad for me and just wanted to comfort me.  The husband I have known for 19 years has changed.  Before now, being woken up at 3 am, he would have gone through things I should have done to prevent the toothache or question why I hadn’t taken care of it sooner or why I hadn’t taken medicine earlier.  He had a tendency to go into retro-active problem solving mode rather than comfort mode.  Today was different.  I could feel his empathy and his love for me as I suffered and it healed my heart even though the pain was almost unbearable.

Screenshot 2016-06-27 at 2.58.05 PM - Edited

He knows that if I am taking a heavy narcotic, it must be serious. I had a root canal 9 months ago and that very same tooth was giving me problems again, but I have an aversion to heavy pain relievers.  I did a lot of studying in college about family processes and family life including genetics and I feel I have too much of a genetic disposition towards addiction to ever take a chance with prescription drugs.  I will normally chose to endure pain rather than take anything, but toothaches can sometimes get the best of me.

Amos called out of work in order to take me in for an emergency dental visit  this morning since he knew I wouldn’t be able to drive myself. I told him I could have found someone to take care of me today, but I think he was grateful for the chance to help me.

Letters to Missionaries

Amos lost another 5 lbs but is feeling good this time.  I need to make sure he eats more.  He is off to work today and he has church stuff tonight so I’m trying to find a time to get him to eat.

After a morning at the pool the kids and I came home to write letters to missionaries.  I have 6 sisters and all, except one, have a son or daughter currently serving a full time mission.  Missie has a son in Mexico; Amy has a daughter in Russia; Christy has a son in Washington; Phoebe has a son in Mexico and Sarah has a son in Brazil.  I also feel that Carrie still has a son serving a mission from the other side of the veil. He was serving a mission in Mexico but had to come home early when doctors discovered he had cancer.  Remarkably he was beating the cancer but was taken suddenly in a terrible motorcycle accident.  I strongly believe the other five cousins are getting help from him in their work.


For those who may not be familiar with an LDS mission, these young men (18) and women (19) are called to an area of the world not of their choosing and at their own expense to serve teach the gospel of Jesus Christ for 2 years (men) or a year and a half (women).  They agree to live by very strict rules with no cell phones or entertainment and write home only once a week.

Amos served a mission to Toronto, Canada when he was 19.  His brother served in the same mission several years earlier which is very uncommon.  Amos happened to live in my condominium complex when he moved to Provo the summer before starting at BYU.  We met and got married before his first day of class.

I’m so grateful for the way his mission prepared him to be a husband and father.  Amos’s mission also directed his carreer path.  One of his mission companions had bipolar disorder.  It frustrated Amos at first then fascinated him and led him into the field of psychology.

Our children are planning and saving now for their own missions.  These cousins are great examples for them.  The letter writing has been going on for several hours now and it is so fun to watch.  They are using Google Translate to add a little part of their letters in each cousin’s mission language.

We just got a visit from the Sister missionaries serving in our ward. One is from Australia and the other is from Maryland.  They need my help with a special project tonight so I need to go prepare.  I’ll leave you with my kids’ favorite missionary video.