Mourn With Those That Mourn

Family members are flooding in to town for the funeral and we are being wrapped in love, food and empathy from all around. Our every need is being met aside from the need to have Amos here. I have felt him close and hope that spirit never retreats.

Kade Pearce, a young boy in my ward, drew this picture for me and brought it over after church. I was touched by his understanding and the ability for someone so young to look outside himself and have such perspective.  

Church was beautiful; the music and talks and having my sister Sarah with me. Bishop Elwood spoke about grief and mourning. I have truly felt that my burdens are being borne by so many around me. Part of the covenants we make at baptism are to “mourn with those that mourn” and “comfort those that stand in need of comfort.” I see people all around me keeping those covenants.

My sister-in-law Robin sent me a scripture just after Amos passed that Bishop repeated today from Doctrine & Covenants 42:48 “And again, it shall come to pass that he that hath faith in me to be healed, and is not appointed unto death, shall be healed.” This helped me to understand that faith, fasting and prayer are not meant to change God’s plans, but to help us align our will to His. It also helped me know that a lack of faith is not why he was taken. I’m grateful to know that Amos has a new appointment and I know he will be kept as busy as he was in this life serving others and the Lord.

Charity, Humility and Patience

Amos already called out for work tomorrow so I know he isn’t doing well. I wish I knew what was happening and how to help him. Perhaps a day off can help him reset and find a better balance.

The kids and I traveled to the other side of Phoenix to attend my nephew Jim’s mission farewell today. It was fun to see some old familiar faces there. Jimmy will be leaving for the church headquarters mission in Salt Lake City this week and we are so excited for him. He gave an excellent talk on the attributes of charity, humility and patience. Uncle Bob beautifully sang one my favorites “This is the Christ.”

We should never be content with the “way we are” but we should be constantly seeking to improve and change and become more like our Savior Jesus Christ. I’m grateful for time to change in this life and good examples of charity, humility and patience I see in others.

I saw changes in Evelyn as she returned home from girl’s camp last night. She came home with an incredible spirit and a new found love for the scriptures. She must have shared scriptures with me at least a dozen times today and it seems to have changed her entire demeanor and especially her relationships with her little sisters. I’m very impressed that a 4 day girl’s camp can have that kind of effect. Her favorite scripture is 2 Nephi 22:2 Behold, God is my salvation; I will trust, and not be afraid; for the Lord Jehovah is my strength and my song; he also has become my salvation. Luke 12:32 was a scripture her leader, Sister Martin, shared that has also become a new favorite:  Fear not, little flock; for it is your Father’s good pleasure to give you the kingdom.


Diversity but Not Cacophony

Happy Sunday everyone. Today was beautiful outside and inside. Amos is feeling well and looking better. He gave a beautiful testimony in sacrament meeting saying that the past year has been the most difficult of his life but that the experience has taught him more about our Father in Heaven, the Savior and the Holy Ghost, than had his previous 40 years.

Fast and testimony meeting overall was a really special one. A young father who blessed his baby said that he understands his parents love for him more with each new life experience but the birth of his baby girl helped him understand so much better. He said his desire to protect his baby was stronger than his desire to breathe. So cute!

As we sat down for family dinner, we discussed our favorite talks from conference last week. Kirra said her favorite was Elder Holland’s but she couldn’t remember what it was about. I said it was about staying in the choir but really about how each of us have a part in the church and in our families. Porter said it was about diversity but not cacophony (which is a harsh, discordant mixture of sounds.)

When Kirra asked what that meant, Amos said it means that we should “bring our diversity to complete the whole rather than create diversity to change the whole.” 

I felt so much love today for a sweet sister who has had some difficult challenges and has been struggling with her testimony. The best way to grow more light is to share the light you do have. That is exactly what she did today and it made me so happy. Hold on friend.

We want everyone to know they are loved and accepted in our ward family no matter where they are on their journey. We had quite a few new members of our congregation today and I’m excited to get to know them and the diversity they bring.

Amos and I get to teach a Mission Prep class together tonight. I didn’t serve a full time mission but I did take Mission Prep at BYU. Amos married me before I had a chance to serve a mission but he teases me that I only went to mission prep to meet boys. That might be true.


I love Sundays. Brand new week, month and year Sundays are pretty special. Today was awesome because Amos didn’t have any meetings, we only had sacrament meeting, and we now have 9am church so we got to spend almost the whole day with him. We usually don’t see him at all on Sundays. That one meeting at church today was a good one. Nothing like laughing and crying at the same time. Love you Sister Wheeler.

This weekend has been unforgettable. Life is all about family and I sure love mine! Amos has been feeling pretty well the last couple days which made for lots of fun and celebration with our cute kids and by ourselves. My time with him is so special to me.

Amos and I had a few hours together last night as we waited in town for Porter at his New Year’s dance. The dance was at Schnepf Farms and there were about 1,500 kids from 7 stakes. He was so excited when we picked him up. He knows this ridiculous Alphabet Aerobics rap that I make him turn off every time we are in the car together because it’s super annoying. Well, last night was his night to shine because they asked all the kids at the dance if anyone knew it and could get up and perform it! He went to the stage and the kids started going crazy after he started rapping. Raising teenagers can be tricky. There is that fine line between building their confidence while tearing down their overconfidence. I think he needed a little confidence building last night and I was happy for him.

Here are some of my favorite pics from the photo shoot the Wyndham Hotel and the Jack and Jill Foundation arranged for us in San Diego. We are so grateful for these beautiful memories.

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So fun to have so many of us together for Carlie’s mission farewell today. Love these people and all the ones far away who couldn’t make it. Family is so important to us. We will miss our missionaries but at least we will be able to see them tomorrow for one last time. We are excited to see lots of you tomorrow for Amos’s fundraiser at the movie theater as well. I’m so grateful to you for supporting us in this. There are still plenty of seats left. They got us the big theater. Hopefully we can fill it.

This will be a big week and I am planning on having Amos for two more days until he is out of commission. We are ramping up for a big week. We have a birthday and a baptism and grandpa coming into town and Amos has to speak in church for ward conference next Sunday. That should be interesting since Sunday was his worst day. At least he can’t fall asleep if he’s speaking. 😉