Fasting for Evie’s Dad

My friend Nicole sent me this message today… “We started this morning with a prayer and a fast for Amos and your family. Frankly we have never sat together and done this as a family. My daughter Lacey 8 year old during sacrament started crying. She was saying I’m so hungry. I told her it was good to try and fast but if she needed to she could eat. With more tears she said then Evie’s dad won’t get better!!! It was the sweetest thing. I talked to her about how Heavenly Father appreciated her effort and it’s really the first time she really fasted and it was up to her if she wanted to eat. I said a silent prayer to comfort her and let her accomplish this task because she was so concerned for Evie’s dad. She made it and fasted. Thank you for being such a good example of faith so I can follow your families example and teach my kiddos! I hope you can have some peace today.”

We are thankful for all the people who fasted for Amos today. I know good will come from it and after today, we are desperate for a little good.

While his white blood cell counts improved today, his billiruben got worse and is back up to 9.4.

The draining procedure for the lungs went well yesterday. I was feeling so good last night as they drained one and a half liters from his chest and his oxygen and heart rate numbers started looking much better. 

Sadly, the improvement didn’t last and his lungs filled back up overnight.

Our entire stake fasted for Amos today and it was wonderful to be in my ward and feel the love of our friends.

After church the kids got to come see daddy. He hasn’t been very responsive today and that was hard on all of us.

The Johnstone cousins came out to be with us at church and the hospital and helped at home. It’s so great to have family around.

Dad and Tracy and her kids have taken good care of us today and I got to meet Caitlyn’s baby. She is adorable!!

Bishop Elwood came to see how he was today but couldn’t see him because he was doing a scan. They scanned his gall bladder and we are still waiting for results on that.

Amos’s Gilbert High friends came for a minute and so did my nephew Spencer and my sister Christy.

Our friends the Rawls were fun visitors. We appreciate them so much. They brought Amos a cool Super Man lanyard like the Captain America one Jef is wearing. It even lights up. I think we’ll try it out tomorrow.

Intensive Care Unit

I was able to be with Amos over night and it was a special time for us. He was very sweet to me despite his pain and discomfort.

He didn’t have any terrible issues until early this morning when they said they were going to give him his pain pills by mouth rather than through the vein as they had done all night. He threw up and may have aspirated. Now his lung issues have become more of a problem than his liver issues.

His billiruben dropped again last night which is a good sign that his liver is making a comeback, but the lung and oxygen issues got him transferred to a new floor and now I just heard that they are transferring him again. Now he will be in the ICU and they will do the lung and abdomen draining procedures there at his bedside around 7pm.

Please pray for his procedures to go well. He is still fighting with everything he’s got. He really wants to pull that oxygen mask off.

The Johnstone clan showed up today and we are so glad. Amos hasn’t been too responsive today but when he woke up to Casey’s face he said “holy crap!”

Tracy’s kids also drove all night to be here today and it is fun to see them. Tracy is such a calming influence on everyone.

Dean is still doing an amazing job keeping his boy going. He also helped me last night when Porter got lost driving around and ran out of phone battery. He finally asked directions after about an hour and found his way.

Our ward continues to bring meals and cards and love and support. The stake president asked us to have a special fast for Amos tomorrow and I look forward to the needed blessings that will come from that.

Evie Clair is getting ready for the big show and I’m so excited for her. She had to catch up on some “on set” school today. I can’t show any of the exciting photos like sets or wardrobe so a school picture with Darci and Merrick will have to do. It looks like they got photobombed by Miss Blakely.

According to His Will

Tom took a turn with Amos at the hospital and said it was a hard night. Pain and vomiting and continued swelling of the legs made for a difficult start to the day but he’s doing much better now. I got to spend some time with my kids last night before I made my way back to the hospital to see my handsome husband today.

Last night Evie did a special performance for a big church group of 8,9 and 10 year old girls. I wanted to be with Amos so I sent my kids on their own. I got some wonderful messages from people who attended the event.

“You should be so proud of your girls! They show such love and kindness towards each other and Evie did an amazing job, not just performing, but sharing her testimony. It was wonderful to see them. We continue to keep you all in our prayers.” 💚 – Twila Ficklin

These are the things I love to hear more so than how talented they are.

Amos’s dad, Evan, is now here which makes 3 dads including mine. He’s blessed to have so much support. We also still have his brother Tom here and even his former babysitter Trudy Tracy who came a long way to see him.

Amos’s legs about doubled in size today again from swelling. I’ve never seen anything like this in my life. They felt so tight and I began to really worry. Tom and Dean got him up for a short walk down the hall and it really seemed to help.

He also has fluid in his lungs so he probably won’t be able to leave Monday as planned but perhaps Tuesday.

With all of his struggles it’s easy for me to worry. Heavenly Father seems to know just when I need a little help as I came across this scripture today.

“Words of Mormon 1:7 And I do this for a wise purpose; for thus it whispereth me, according to the workings of the Spirit of the Lord which is in me. And now, I do not know all things; but the Lord knoweth all things which are to come; wherefore, he worketh in me to do according to his will.”