Fasting for Evie’s Dad

My friend Nicole sent me this message today… “We started this morning with a prayer and a fast for Amos and your family. Frankly we have never sat together and done this as a family. My daughter Lacey 8 year old during sacrament started crying. She was saying I’m so hungry. I told her it was good to try and fast but if she needed to she could eat. With more tears she said then Evie’s dad won’t get better!!! It was the sweetest thing. I talked to her about how Heavenly Father appreciated her effort and it’s really the first time she really fasted and it was up to her if she wanted to eat. I said a silent prayer to comfort her and let her accomplish this task because she was so concerned for Evie’s dad. She made it and fasted. Thank you for being such a good example of faith so I can follow your families example and teach my kiddos! I hope you can have some peace today.”

We are thankful for all the people who fasted for Amos today. I know good will come from it and after today, we are desperate for a little good.

While his white blood cell counts improved today, his billiruben got worse and is back up to 9.4.

The draining procedure for the lungs went well yesterday. I was feeling so good last night as they drained one and a half liters from his chest and his oxygen and heart rate numbers started looking much better. 

Sadly, the improvement didn’t last and his lungs filled back up overnight.

Our entire stake fasted for Amos today and it was wonderful to be in my ward and feel the love of our friends.

After church the kids got to come see daddy. He hasn’t been very responsive today and that was hard on all of us.

The Johnstone cousins came out to be with us at church and the hospital and helped at home. It’s so great to have family around.

Dad and Tracy and her kids have taken good care of us today and I got to meet Caitlyn’s baby. She is adorable!!

Bishop Elwood came to see how he was today but couldn’t see him because he was doing a scan. They scanned his gall bladder and we are still waiting for results on that.

Amos’s Gilbert High friends came for a minute and so did my nephew Spencer and my sister Christy.

Our friends the Rawls were fun visitors. We appreciate them so much. They brought Amos a cool Super Man lanyard like the Captain America one Jef is wearing. It even lights up. I think we’ll try it out tomorrow.

Not Quite Stable

I am in the post operating room with Amos now. They haven’t moved him to his room yet because he keeps forgetting to breathe.  They just put him on oxygen. He is in a lot of pain and the Y90 procedure took an hour longer than planned. I was so grateful to have my sister Phoebe with me here all day to make the time go faster.

As soon as they get him stabilized they will start him on chemo pills his doctor prescribed today. I think recovery from this one is going to be difficult for him and me. I forgot already and they had to remind me not to kiss him. At least I can hold his hand.

UPDATE – 6pm

Amos is breathing a little better. They have him on Dilaudid for extreme pain near his liver.  Josh Pearce stayed here with him while I ran over to get his 6 new perscriptions from the cancer center before it closed.

Dr. Lanauze came in to tell us what to expect. He said that as he expected radiation did seep into Amos’s gallbladder. This will cause extreme pain and he may have to remove it.

He also said there was an unavoidable radiation leak into his intestines which will cause painful ulsers. He will get Amos to a GI doctor in the coming weeks to deal with that.

Lastly, he has a hematoma at the femoral artery. The doctor just wants us to keep an eye on it. He won’t be able to go up the stairs so I’m even more grateful for that recliner Ken Harris gave us. It is the best chair ever and Amos will get to sleep in it for a few nights.

Thank you all for the prayers even if “praying isn’t your thing.” ♡♡♡ He will make it through this.

9:30 pm UPDATE –

Scary day but Amos is now stable. We made it home. Amos threw up constantly for nearly the entire 45 minute car ride but us now asleep. Josh followed us and helped get him in the house and settled.

The kids were very worried when we told them he was radioactive and they couldn’t touch him. Kirra was mostly concerned and did everything she could to help tonight. Today in student council they handed out end of the year awards and hers was The DO IT; DO IT RIGHT; DO IT RIGHT NOW award. That describes her perfectly and we are so thankful for a child who is service oriented and is also so compassionate.

Porter knew what the Y in Y90 stood for, did some research about dad’s procedure and will give a video report for the blog tomorrow if anyone is interested in nerd stuff. He also prayed tonight in our family prayer that dad’s procedure would “have the intended effect” and I believe it will.

I will be pleading that Amos can make it through the night without a 911 call. They told us to expect fever and chills and more vomiting but gave us a list of possible emergency side effects to watch for.