Amos Abplanalp – Obituary

Amos Dean Abplanalp 1975-2017

Amos Dean Abplanalp was born December 11, 1975 in Malad, Idaho. He passed away September 7th, 2017 at Banner Gateway Medical Center in Gilbert, Arizona surrounded by his wife and children, mother and brother. He fought a courageous fight with colon cancer for a year and a half. He lost the battle, but won the war enduring well until the end.

Amos was born the third child of Dean Abplanalp and Sandra Carol Sagers. He joined his brother, Tom, and sister, Katie Jo. Three years later Abbe completed the family.

When he was two, the family moved to Blackfoot where he spent the next 17 years of his life. When he was nine, his parents divorced. His mother later met and married Evan Dance and six more siblings were added to his family.

He grew up on a potato farm where he learned to work hard. He also learned that he wanted an education.

Amos loved sports. He played little league baseball and basketball, but his real love was wrestling. He was on a state championship wrestling team at Snake River High School where he graduated in 1994.

He served in the Canada Toronto Mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. After returning honorably after two years he attended Brigham Young University and met the love of his life and eternal companion, Hillary Clair Mann.

Amos graduated from BYU with a bachelor’s degree in Psychology. He and his wife and son then moved to Arizona where he attended Arizona State University to persue a master’s degree in Criminal Justice.

He was a teacher for emotionally disabled students at Gilbert High School for 10 years and a wrestling coach. He was certified to teach multiple high school subjects and was a beloved teacher.

He and his wife had five beautiful children together who have brought them incredible joy.

He later received a Master’s Degree in Counseling and worked as a Licensed Professional Counselor at the Florence, AZ prison in the Eyman Complex.

He served in many church callings and his most recent calling was as bishop of the Magma Ranch Ward in the SanTan Valley Stake.

Just as Amos learned of his cancer diagnosis his daughter, Evie Clair, was invited to audition for the show “America’s Got Talent.” Her musical talents, bright spirit and love for her father propelled her forward in the show. She made it to the finals the night before her father passed away. He lived his last few months seeing his daughter’s dreams play out and it was the highlight of his life.

Amos affected many in his life for good through his kindness, humility, wisdom and service. To know Amos was to love him.  His faith in God and great love for his family, friends, neighbors and coworkers inspired many.

Amos is survived by his wife: Hillary; his children: Porter, Evelyn, Kirra, Ruth and Blakely; his parents: Sandra and Evan Dance (ID) and Dean and Connie Abplanalp (FL), his siblings: Tracy Beede (UT) Tom (Paije) Abplanalp (WA), Katie Jo Abplanalp (ID), Abbe (Les) Fisher (ID), Russell (Tammy) Dance (WA), Jeremy (Jennifer) Dance (WA), Dustin Dance (WA), Jennie (Josh) Cobb (Philippines), Amanda Dance (ID), Hilary (Shawn) Wilmot (WA); grandmother: Janet Abplanalp (UT).

He was preceded in death by his grandparents: Moe and Carol Sagers, Tom Abplanalp and Ora Ezell; his nephew: Daniel Gurr and mother in law: Pamalee Mann.

There will be a viewing at the funeral home Tuesday evening from 6 to 8pm at 33 N Centennial Way Mesa, AZ 85201. Flowers, etc. can be sent to that address.

The funeral services will be held 10am Wednesday, September 13th at 1521 E Bella Vista Rd San Tan Valley, AZ 85143 with a viewing at 9am.

Amos’s body will be laid to rest in the Mesa Cemetery.

You’ll Always Be My People

Amos got through the filming today pretty well even the small part outside. When they told us they wanted to film outside I was worried about the heat, but it wasn’t too bad. Thank you to everyone who came to be our extras at the church this morning. I realize now that I should have had you come an hour later. I forgot how long it takes to set up camera equipment so thank you for being patient.

Our ward also had a pretty awesome primary carnival today just after the shoot. What fun. This is Amos and Ruthie being silly. Thanks for sending pics Whitney Cook!

Evie and Kirra with cousins and friends having a blast!

Thankfully most of the rest of the filming was at our home so Amos could rest between takes.

Thank you Jenny Filleti for taking pictures and doing the drink run. Thanks Phoebe for bringing an awesome crowd and getting all the release paperwork done.

Beautiful singing Evie!

Thanks for your help on outfits everyone. She went with C even though she liked B better because someone made a comment that made sense about not wearing a scarf when it’s over 100 degrees outside.


We got a really sweet gift in the mail from Amos’s friend Jared Sebring and his family. What sweet friends. Thank you!!

Blakely was so cute as we finished up filming. She gave Evelyn a hug with a sad face then said, “I’m sad because you are gonna be famous and have ‘people’ so I’ll never get to see you.”

Evelyn said, “What do you mean ‘people’?

Blakely said, ” You know, your ‘people’ talk to my ‘people’!”

Evelyn squeezed her tight and so sweetly said, “Blakely, you’ll always be ‘my people’.”



God’s Perfect Love

We had the recently converted Pettitt family over to watch general conference today with cinnamon rolls and the works. What a great day!

I have a friend named Kent Carollo who is an artist and makes the best conference notes. I love having them to jog my memory of each special talk. We truly heard God’s Word today and Kent packages them up to help everyone remember. Kent’s parents met each other in my mom’s early morning seminary class near Lake Tahoe and they have never forgotten her impact on them. Thanks for your impact on us by sharing your talents for good Kent. #PRINCEofPEACE #GODSWORD

Our sweet prophet announced five new temples which will be built in the following locations: Brasilia, Brazil; Greater Manila, Philippines; Nairobi, Kenya; Pocatello, Idaho; and Saratoga Springs, Utah.

Amos was super excited about the one in Pocatello since it is the closest city to his hometown; Blackfoot, Idaho.

Some of the main themes I gleaned from all the sessions of conference were: understanding of the Godhead with emphasis on the Holy Ghost and being able to love others by seeing them more like God sees them.

I loved the talk by S. Mark Palmer who spoke of his experience as a mission president receiving an answer through the Holy Ghost and Mark 10. Six words jumped out at him before Christ answered that he had never heard before:  Jesus beheld him and loved himHe was referring to the rich man who came to Christ and asked him what he should do to inherit the kingdom of God.

This mission president had been struggling with how to change the behavior of some of his missionaries who were struggling. His answer was not something he could say to help them change their problems, but an invitation to change himself and his attitude toward them and to first love them. What at humbling experience. He learned that the Savior’s example was to first love and then invite change, but not to withdraw love when someone doesn’t live up to our expectations. Anger and frustration inhibit learning but love and learning come when we try to see others and their divine potential, the way the Savior sees them.

This was similar to president Uchtdorf’s incredible talk about replacing fear with God’s perfect love.

Both of these talks have helped me learn how I can be a better parent and pause to behold and love my children rather than become frustrated with them. All of the talks during this conference have been beneficial to me and my family and for that I feel a special gratitude to God the Father, His Son Jesus Christ and The Holy Ghost in each of their roles in my life. I am grateful for my relationship to them and better understanding of them.

Prince of Peace

My husband is finally feeling better. He is at his bishop training meeting with the stake president tonight after the most difficult week of chemo recovery to date. I feel thankful that even though I wasn’t home or able to help him, many of you were.

We had an outpouring of compassion that helped him through this dufficult week. Last night Mary Merrill’s chicken and dumplings were the only thing his upset stomach could take all day.

Many of you may know how has been doing some cool world-wide initiatives at Christmas and Easter for the past few years like #LIGHTtheWORLD. My daughter has been able to paricipate in a few of them and we’ve loved being able to rub shoulders with the amazing people at Boncom who create these campaigns and other super cool influencers who are involved in spreading the word.

This year the Easter Campaign will be Prince of Peace, another name for the Savior Jesus Christ. It will also focus on Principles of Peace. I love the clever play on words. What principles can we learn from Him that bring more peace to our lives?

The world-wide Easter video that will be released before April 1st is focused on 8 peace-making principles taught during the Savior’s ministry: Faith, God’s Word, Compassion, Gratitude, Prayer, Forgiveness, Repentance, and Hope.

From now until Easter I will focus on these principles in my blog posts and spotlight people around us who radiate them.

Today I focus on the principle of compassion in the form of meals prepared for my husband and children while I was away. These families took time and resources from their own families to serve mine: the Bendas, the Martins, the Pettitts, the Merrills and the Johns. Your examples of compassion are related not only your love for us but your love for and your desire to be more like the Savior. As we follow His example, we find His peace.

You can join me this season by sharing and tagging examples of people who exemplify one or all of these 8 principles in your lives.