Family Mann Sacred Collection


We have had many requests for all of our family’s sacred music to be made available as a free download for missionaries. This is a selected album of the sacred music the Mann family has produced over the years.  Please download and share freely with everyone including missionaries. We hope it will inspire you and help move the work forward in some small way. This music features members of the Mann Family including Pamalee Mann, McKenna Morris, Evie Clair, Phoebe Morris, Hillary Abplanalp, Christy Mann, Amy Lindquist, Charles Mann, Buddy Koozer, Carlie Merrill, Katie Lindquist, Kirra Abplanalp and even a few people not in our family including The Piano Gal, Michelle, Moyer, Kameron Bybee, Michael Sackett and Tyler Miller. A special thanks to our adorable Elder Sheperd for the cover photo and to Stephen Moyer our incredible audio engineer over the past several years who has made our music come to life.

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