If Any of You Lack Wisdom


This year has been different. I write a mutual song every year, but this year scriptures and prayer have become a more powerful influence in my life as my husband suffers with cancer and still finds the strength to serve as bishop. I love the mutual theme the church introduced for 2017 because as we reflect on the scripture in James 1:5-6 “If any of you lack wisdom…” we are reminded of the simplicity of the gospel and that our loving Heavenly Father has told us that if we ask in faith, He truly will give us answers we seek. The Sunday school answers seem too simple, but we really can gain enlightenment, strength and comfort through scriptures and prayer.

Before I even decided to write a mutual song again this year, I was seeking comfort in hymns and had written an arrangement of “Where Can I Turn for Peace?” I had a recording date set just to record that song, but realized that I may not have another chance to get to the studio before the end of the year as my husband’s condition has worsened over the past few months.  I decided to use melodies in counterpoint to combine the two songs. The messages go together so beautifully particularly on the third verse “He answers privately, reaches my reaching…” I truly have had Him reach my reaching and bring me peace as I have struggled with this trial.

This song is written in two parts for a duet or groups of young women or young men or both.  It is very simple for a young man or woman to play the accompaniment. I am also including the backing track, but it may not be appropriate for sacrament meeting because of the horns so just the piano accompaniment would be best in that setting.


(Part 1)
If any of you lack wisdom, let him ask of God
Ask of God
That giveth to all men liberally
And upbraideth not
And it shall be given
And it shall be given
But let him ask in faith
Nothing wavering
And it shall be given him

(Part 2)
He answers privately
Reaches my reaching
In my gethsemane
Savior, friend
Gentle the peace He finds
For my beseeching
Constant He is and kind
Love without end.

(Part 1 and Part 2 together – Note: Part 2 starts on the word wisdom from Part 1)

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