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It’s been strange without Porter around the house the past two weeks. I miss his hugs. I was worried the whole time he was traveling and especially when it took him a few hours to email me after he got there but I haven’t worried about him since. His first letter was so comforting to me. Here is a part of it.

I LOOOOOVE Brazil!, That is just the only way to describe the feeling of this week. All the days have kinda meshed together into one long, hard, amazing, super fun spiritual day. I already feel like a totally new person, and I have learned more this last week than I have in my entire life. My testimony has grown tenfold, I know aa bajillion times more portugese, and my love for the gospel and all of God’s children has just grown so so much.

The CTM feels like basically the Celestial Kingdom. The spirit is always, always here, and everyone is just so helpful and kind. The city is beautiful, the food is amazing, my district is the best one here, and my instructors are just absolutely amazing. If there’s one thing ive learned this week (and there have been many, MANY things) it’s that the gifts of the spirit are available to everyone, inasmuch as we are worhty, have faith to recieve them, and most importantly, WORK as hard as we can. The gift of tongues is very real, and I have seen it firsthand all throughout this week, but it’s almost never a spontaneous ability to fluently speak a foreign loanguage. It’s the ability of Heavenly Father to qualify you for his work, after you have expended your own efforts, and turned to him for help.

His second letter came this morning and he was writing it as he was talking to us because he had so many other letters to respond to. The girls love talking to Porter and they even wake up early to get ready on Tuesdays now so they won’t miss his call. He writes;

So, my district and I have officially changed Preparation Day to Proselyting Day. Our first P-Day out, we were about to go get açiai with my district and my instructors, when my absolute favorite instructor introduced us all to a young man who is not a member (of our church), and is very interested in missionary work and what all of these fancy Americans are doing around his neighborhood every Wednesday. So we talked for a sec, then started to walk away, then I looked back, and saw him still standing there, and a voice said to me, ´´Where are you going?´´ So I grabbed my companion and ran back. And we shared a short message about baptism and the Gospel of Jesus Christ, gave him a mini Livro de Môrmon, did as President Nelson directed and invited him to begin with 3 Néfi 11, and told him we´d meet him next week in the same spot to talk about it and give him the first lesson. It was a serious gift of tongues moment. Every word I needed was brought to my memory as soon as I need it. BUT, I had to LEARN the words first, and everyone here has just been learning and progressing so so fast. So, i’m still waiting on permission to give him all the lessons, take him to church, invite him to be baptized, and baptize him. I am so, SO excited for tomorrow to teach him.

We also got to visit the São Paulo temple, which is just BEAUTIFUL. I love this city, this country, and this people so much.
~Elder Abplanalp
OH, P.S. There´s a place across the street called Mr Cheneys Cookies, and if you want, you can buy me cookies, just, yano, putting that out there.