Today would have been Amos’s 47th birthday. Porter and Jill flew in to celebrate with us. They were sitting at their gate in Orlando about to board the plane when they got an email saying their gate had changed. The new gate was all the way across the airport through a different security check so they started sprinting. When they realized the email was telling them the gate had changed for landing, not departing, it was too late. Their flight left without them but not without their suitcase. They had to get a hotel in Orlando Friday night and get a really expensive flight for the next morning but they made it, whatever the cost, and we are so happy they are here. Lucy loves having them here too.

We had a ginger bread contest yesterday. Evelyn and Clancy say Kirra and Ruth’s train was the best.

Porter and Jill went with Kirra and her date to the opera house last night to see Handel’s Messiah. They said it was remarkable.

Today is one of those days I wonder if Amos is hanging around. The spirit of peace and joy are so strong. We woke up to beautiful fog and frost. Kirra is in the kitchen making peppermint cookies for my ward choir and we have a carrot cake hiding away for after dinner. Carrot cake was Amos’s favorite. Baby just fell asleep for a nap. Michael is at a Ward Council meeting before church and I have a moment to reflect.

I’m realizing that the older my kids get the more they remind me of Amos. They have his amazing qualities and the weaknesses he was able to overcome. I look forward to my kids being able to overcome those weaknesses with the help of the Savior.

Kirra was listening to The Lord Is My Shepherd from Evie’s new album this morning and I could picture Jesus as the Shepherd gently gathering my little family in to him – leading us to the still waters and green pastures, restoring us when we wander and redeeming us when we feel oppressed. Even when we feel so angry with ourselves for misreading an email from the airline that we throw down our phone and smash it into a million pieces. I love you Porter. As difficult as yesterday was, today makes up for it. Thank you for being here with me on dad’s birthday.