Amos went to work today. He wants to get as much work in as he can before the surgery next Thursday. Amos generally wears a face sheild and stab-proof vest at work because his job can be hazardous. Today, they told him they will be moving him to a different unit when he returns from surgery. This will probably be a safer place for him but it will mean no more hazard pay. I have a few financial suggestions today for anyone who thinks this kind of thing won’t happen to them. If your company offers it, sign up for short term disability insurance. We opted out because Amos is young and seemed super healthy. There is also something called critical illness insurance. His company doesn’t offer it but many do. These kinds of things can be financial life savers. Thankfully we had a few of our own financial life savers. Life teaches us so much. Accepting help from others can be difficult but sometimes necessary.